Quest 4: Game On


Create a game using MIPS assembly language. This game should run in a MIPS simulator, such as SPIM or MARS. It should make use of ASCII characters to display the action. You may implement one of the games outlined below, or you may implement another game, but ask me first if it will be acceptable. You may work in groups of two.


Suggested Games: Hangman, Connect Four


Basic Strategies

You’ll need to make use of the data section to store relevant data, and be able to manipulate the bytes therein. You’ll need to make extensive use of the system calls for output and input, and it’s probably a good idea to create procedures that display the game elements.


Notes on MARS

MARS is an enhanced MIPS simulator with a greater set of system calls and better support for the full MIPS instruction set. It should not be much more difficult to use than SPIM, but I do not require that it be used. MARS has system calls for: file I/O (also available in SPIM), system time, MIDI output, random number generation, and other things.

It can be found at:

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